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 The elements can be harsh on your vehicle's paint job.  Over years a paint job can become dull from sunlight, rain and salt.  We can help you restore your vehicle to that showroom new shine.   Does your vehicle just need a touch up due to chips and scratches?  Our computerized color matching system will make any touch ups and spot painting undetectable.   Give your vehicle the shine you remember with our professional services.  FREE estimates available. 

Collision Headquarters, Revere, ma

Transform the look of your vehicle

Whether you want to restore your car's exterior to it's original shine or you want to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd with a custom paint job, our trained technicians will exceed your expectations with our professional services. 

auto painting, scratch removal, dent removal

Leading Technology

  • Spot painting
  • Computerized color  matching 
  • Scratch Removal
  • Buffing

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